Sundae Sundays by Kelly Sargent

Heartwarming NICU support book for families

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Genre: Children’s Growing Up & Facts of Life 36 pages Austin Macauley Published April 28, 2023 Get your copy here

Every Sunday for 23 years, jolly “Sundae Man” with his crooked white mustache and bright blue flecks in his green eyes has been making ice cream sundaes for anxious families. Why he does so has remained a decades-old mystery. As a helpful distraction from her worry over her baby brother, a little girl becomes Sundae Man’s eager weekly assistant. She jotts down ice cream requests, and put stemmed cherries atop towering sundaes. This touching story illustrates the deep, lifelong bonds of family, and creatively offers connection, comfort, and reassurance concerning time spent away from loved ones.

My thoughts on Sundae Sundays

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Sundae Sundays begins with a little girl looking into the nursery at a hospital. She expresses how much she wants her baby brother to come home. The girl, who doesn’t have a name, has a favorite nurse that she likes to talk to when she’s there. Except on Sundays when she is working for the Sundae Man. Nobody knows why, but he only comes to the NICU to serve his delish treats.

I would highly recommend this NICU support book to families who have siblings trying to work through the emotions of having a sick sibling. Three years ago, I could have benefited from a NICU support book like Sundae Sundays when my son was in the NICU. The reason I liked the book was because of how simple it is to read. Other than Sundae Man, none of the other four characters in the book have names to remember.  Especially if you are dealing with the high emotions of being in the hospital, something simple is enough to distract you from the chaos around you.

The illustrations are cute and playful

The bright colors make the sad aspects of the book less sad. It was heartwarming to see one of the babies in the nursery smiling and waving amongst the other crying or sleeping babies. I can speak firsthand that you do see babies in the NICU cooing and smiling at the sight of their families visiting.

There is a surprise twist at the end which makes the story even sweeter. Pay attention, Sargent hints that it’s coming throughout the book. Sundae Sundays is a resourceful tool to help siblings understand what their role is to play when someone in their family, a sibling, is in poor health.  The story illustrates that talking to someone or occupying yourself with an important job, can help ease the mind during a stressful time. All in all, Sundae Sundays is a fantastic family read.

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