Feeling All My Worry by Kim T. S.

Feeling All My Worry is a delightful and compassionate rhyming book designed specifically to address the concerns and anxieties of children who worry too much.

Feeling All My Worry
Genre: Children’s books on health, children’s 36 pages, ‎Kim T. S. , Published June 9, 2023, Get your copy here

Do you want to help your child turn their worries into a superpower? Our worry book for kids is the perfect guide to teach them how to understand and overcome their worries and anxieties. With practical strategies conveyed through gentle rhyme and original illustrations, this book helps children become more self-aware and resilient.

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My Thoughts on Feeling All My Worry

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Feeling All My Worry is a delightful and compassionate rhyming book designed specifically to address the concerns and anxieties of children who worry too much. Written with care and empathy, this book gently guides young readers through their worries, offering comfort and understanding along the way.

One of the book’s greatest strengths lies in its ability to connect with children on an emotional level. The rhyming verses are beautifully crafted and flow effortlessly, capturing the attention of young readers and creating a soothing rhythm. The poetic language not only engages children but also serves as a powerful tool to help them process their worries. The author’s talent for crafting meaningful and relatable rhymes is evident throughout the entire book.

The illustrations in Feeling All My Worry are vibrant and enchanting, complementing the text perfectly.

Each page is filled with captivating colors and expressive characters that bring the emotions of worry to life. The images skillfully depict a range of worries that children may encounter, while also providing a sense of hope and encouragement. The combination of engaging visuals and comforting words creates a truly immersive reading experience.

One of the book’s notable aspects is its focus on coping strategies and positive affirmations. Along the journey, children are introduced to various techniques that can help them manage their worries. This includes deep breathing exercises, mindfulness, and talking to a trusted adult. By emphasizing these tools, the book empowers young readers, showing them that they have the ability to navigate their worries and find inner strength.

A heartwarming and engaging resource for children who experience excessive worry.

Through its skillful rhymes, captivating illustrations, and empowering messages, the book offers a gentle and encouraging approach to help young readers understand and cope with their worries. It serves as a valuable tool for both parents and educators. It helps to foster conversations about emotions and resilience in a relatable and accessible manner.

As someone who struggled with anxiety as a kid, and still do as an adult, I really enjoyed how Kim T. S. explains how to work through worries. When my toddler is old enough to express worry, I will certainly show him Feeling All My Worry. This book will help my son and I work together to understand how to handle those feelings.

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