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We love quality pieces of literature

One of the greatest parts about being a writer is being a part of an exclusive community of literary minds who all have a similar goal in mind; to become the best of the best! Getting those creative juices flowing is half the battle and we love to see pieces that are original, well-written, and takes us to another world. How boring would it be if books, essays, movies, and indeed all things ended the same? No thanks!

The Book Smuggler’s Den supports those who run the midnight oil, writing until they get it right. Everyone can agree that the quality of writing matters just as much as how creative it is. Thankfully, the creative minds that we work with all produce content that is error-free and reads like a gem.

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Author visibility

We are here to make sure that you get the visibility you deserve. Writing is a tough trade and it can be hard to break through in today’s market. The Book Smuggler’s Den wants to give you that extra push! Our online literary platform has helped authors get noticed and gain the credibility they deserve.

The Book Smuggler’s Den is here to celebrate diversity and showcase authors in various genres that you haven’t yet explored yet. We encourage you to do so!

About Dani:

Dani (aka the Book Smuggler) is a Californian who moved to the Rocky Mountains with the mission in mind to get a degree in English Literature. After college, Dani was bitten by the blogging bug where she switched from the corporate world and became her own boss as a full-time digital marketing specialist.

When Dani doesn’t have a book in her face, she loves to go on long bike rides, knit, and play with her furry friends Trigger and Pip.

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