My Dentist is a Superhero by Dr. Brandon Villar, Morgan Terrelle Villar

fear of the dentist
Genre: Children’s Superhero Fiction, Children’s Action & Adventure 35 pages, Independently published November 28, 2022 Get your copy here

Dr. Brandon Villar is a real-life superhero, helping families with all of their dental needs

Join Dr. Brandon and Hygienist Yvonne as they help kids learn what it’s like to go to the dentist. They’ll tackle Captain Cavity and other foes in this spirited dental adventure. This book will help alleviate anxiety about a first or second trip to the dentist by assisting children to understand what to expect during their visit in a magical, fun-filled way.

My Thoughts on My Dentist is a Superhero by Dr. Brandon Villar, Morgan Terrelle Villar

I’m not going to lie. Going to the dentist isn’t my favorite pastime activity. I have very sensitive teeth, and getting them cleaned can be painful! However, my dentist asks every time how my teeth are feeling and is kind to back off when I say so.

This is me as an adult, knowing that if I don’t go to the dentist, my teeth will rot and fall out. As a kid, I would sit in my mother’s white minivan until it was my turn to get my teeth cleaned so I didn’t have to scare myself even more by waiting in the waiting room.

From my own experience, I wish I had a fun book to explain that everything a dentist does is in my best interest

My Dentist is a Superhero has fun pictures, and the writing is clear and concise. Dr. Brandon Villar describes what happens when you visit a dentist in a way that children can understand. I enjoyed the creativity of having a dentist save the day by protecting teeth from cavities. I can see this book being a part of dentist offices everywhere! A fantastic read that parents should introduce before kids go to an office for their first appointment.

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