Wanted In Paradise by Kate Ashenden

wanted in paradise
Genre: Self-Help, nonfiction, Business
Paperback, 245 pages
Published November 26th 2018
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Romeo, a popular pop singer in the UK is in the midst of planning a concert when his brother, Diego, mysteriously disappears. Concerned, his brother’s ex-girlfriend Jasmine goes to visit Romeo to express her concern. While comforting Romeo she finds out about the Power To Change concert he has been planning to bring awareness to climate change. Jasmine just launched her PR business and Romeo invites her to help out with the concert. Sooner than Jasmine knows it, she and Romeo are on their way to the exotic setting of the Maldives.

The connection between Jasmine and Romeo starts to reveal itself, but the two are torn between their hearts and respect for Diego who is still missing. When they land, Jasmine meets Kamal, a sheikh who instantly is attracted to Jasmine. Romeo warns Jasmine to stay away from Kamal, but she is a girl with her own heart and seeks out to find who Kamal is and discover the real reason why Romeo has such a distaste for the man.

“She looked through the windows of the villa onto the Indian Ocean. It was then that she knew with a sense of relief that this experience in the Maldives would be the release valve she so desperately needed.”

Then one day something interferes with the planning of the concert and everyone is trying to figure out who is responsible. The finger pointing begins and Jasmine makes it her mission to set accusations aside and find the culprit behind the mess Romeo and her find themselves in.

Will the concert still be able to go on? Does Kamal have a secret hidden agenda? Will Jasmine find her true love in the midst of everything? There’s only one way to find out…

My Thoughts about Wanted in Paradise

Wanted In Paradise was more than a romance novel. It had suspense and mystery that keeps you turning the pages to find out what awaits you in the next chapter. I like how Jasmine was torn between her feelings towards the gentlemen in the book and what she thought was right. Even though there are multiple characters seeking Jasmine, she has a high moral value that makes any accusations of her being “lose” non-existent.

The whole time throughout the book you are rooting for Jasmine and Romeo to get together. But a brief look at the past explains why Jasmine and Romeo have to control their feelings for one another. At the same time, you’re hoping that they’ll find Diego and maybe it won’t be so bad if they got Diego’s blessing to be in a relationship.

I liked the complexity of Kamal. Romeo doesn’t like him at all but I was with Jasmine. She never felt in danger with Kamal and neither did I. Even when things get mysterious, I didn’t want to blame Kamal. It was one of the reasons I stayed up late to read the next chapter. I kept telling myself that Kamal can’t be all bad and someone else is responsible for what goes wrong with the Power To Change concert.

I really enjoyed Wanted In Paradise. I am always hesitant when it comes to romance novels as some can make me blush too much. The book did have some passionate scenes, but they were tastefully written. The descriptions of the characters were perfect and Ashenden did a really great job painting a picture of the villas and setting of the Maldives. Highly recommend it for anyone who loves a good romance novel.

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