Get Ready For the 2019 Book Smuggler’s Reading Challenge

Alright! New Year, new challenge. 2019 is going to be your best year yet to read as many books as possible. While I love going to the bookstore or library to browse for a good read, it helped out a lot in 2018 to have some ideas of what books to look for.

Here are 52 ideas of types of books to look for. Better start now. We’re already a week into the challenge!

The Book Smuggler Challenge

Other tips on how to meet your reading goal

Don’t let the length of a book intimidate you. While you are reading a longer book, pair it with a short story so if you don’t finish the longer book, you still completed one for that week.

Swap out working out to music for an audiobook. You can kill two birds with one stone and get ahead on the challenge.

Find at least 30 minutes a day to read. A bad habit the reading challenge helped me break was watching TV before bed. Bluelight overstimulates the brain and swapping that out for a paperback book helped out with my sleep.

Don’t default to books in the news. As easy as it may be to read what’s on the New York Times Bestseller List, a reading challenge is a great way to discover newly published authors.

Lastly… Have fun! Can’t wait to hear what you’re reading!

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