Revealed at the Edge by Allison Davis

Revealed at the edge is a book of photography, and all images are copyrighted under Allison¬† Davis. To see a sample set of images, please visit Allison’s website at

Discover the Debut Fine Art Collection with Limited Edition signed prints & everyday prints from my (Allison Davis) premier journey along the American west coast. This debut collection from “Revealed at the Edge” is a color story that is a reflection of the cycles of the spirit as told from the landscape from beauty. Through suffering and pain, to a clearing and lifting and restoration to beauty and peace.

More than a month went into the shooting of this project while I car-camped along the West coast in the fall of 2020. Narrowing down my 30 days of shooting, I created my very first fine art coffee table book as a visual journey of the West coast as well as my debut Fine Art Limited Edition collection and everyday photographic prints.

A year in total went into the production and launch of this book and collection. I (Allison Davis) cannot wait to share my search for beauty with you in this collection.


My Thoughts on Revealed at the Edge

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The photos in Allison’s book are AMAZING. Having grown up in San Diego I can tell you firsthand that the pictures of Ocean Beach and Torrey Pines do those beaches justice. I am a sucker for good surf photography and the aerial photos Allison shares are fantastic. In February 2021, I took my first flight out to visit family since the pandemic hit. I remember taking a mommy break and sitting on the shores of Swamis in Cardiff massaging my feet in the sand for nearly an hour watching the tide heading out revealing the tide pools. Allison shares a photo of exactly that, along with well-written and insightful journal entries.

“I believe the broken can be put back together. That hurt can be healed. The destroyed can be made new. Once the wreckage is cleared, we can walk in a different kind of freedom and have access to true beauty again.”

Having found God these last few years, I love how there are profound words mixed with scriptures. It makes the journal entries relatable, especially when the final sentences ask the same questions Allison is asking herself. This book is perfect for those of us that are looking to find ourselves again. Plus, it makes for a good coffee table book!

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