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Maya Fairy by Stanislava Buevich

In case you’re looking for a middle school book recommendation…

I have to tell you a big secret, but you can’t tell anyone…

Fairies are real!

They are as real as you and me, and every child has one. They live in your houses, they hide in your walls and they make sure that all children dream beautiful, wonderous dreams.

Humans are not supposed to know this, you see, and please don’t tell anyone, or I will get in trouble!

The only reason I am aware of their existence is because a few years ago, my daughter Maya managed to catch her fairy, and they became friends. But when other fairies in London’s Notting Hill started to disappear one after another, it became clear that something was dangerously amiss. Who was behind it? Mysterious fairies in black cloaks? Someone from the High Fairy Commission? An elusive oil tycoon? Or perhaps strange men in black overalls who attempted to break into our home? It was up to my daughter, her fairy and myself to solve the dark and dangerous mystery – a conspiracy that transcended the borders between the fairy and the human worlds.

What other dark secrets awaited us?

My Thoughts on Maya Fairy

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Maya Fairy is the perfect book for a kid, and I’m excited to include it in one of my middle school book recommendation lists. It is well-written and easy to read. The illustrations are cute and make the story come to life.

I found it interesting that Maya Fairy wasn’t narrated by the kid, Maya. The story is written from the point of view Maya’s mom. This may seem odd as this is a book for middle schoolers, but it works very well. You get to see how a mother reacts to her child’s story. It is heartwarming and would make any middle schooler reading this trust in their parents.

The language used is absolutely magical, fitting a story about fairies beautifully. Looking at this from the perspective of a child, the casual language flows and feels as though you are chatting with your own parents.

As the book comes to a close, you begin to see Maya grow from a child to a young adult. As a mother myself, it made me think of when my son will outgrow things that are imaginary and enter into the frightening life of reality. Maya’s mom sees this transition happening, and the carefully chosen words by the author show how bittersweet it can be to see your child grow up.

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Maya Fairy will be available April 7, 2023. I’d like to thank the author and Reedsy for an advanced copy of this book. To have your book reviewed here, please send an email to contact@booksmugglersden.com

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  1. thank you Dani. I will keep this book in mind for my grandchildren’s birthdays. Looks like a good read.

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