Purple Dreams

by Rubin A Rubina

fiction submissions

He meets me every night; in my purple dreams. Purple dreams you know, the dreams you have just before you fall asleep and start to dream. The dreams that feel more real… Purple Dreams. The darkness of night starts changing its colour as the prince of my dreams descends from the fairyland above. He slowly nears me, so much so that I even hear his breath, the perfect rhythm of it. He says nothing but says it all by just moving a bit more close to me. He swiftly turns to my back lending the breeze of his scented breath to my hair, and they get intoxicated. He touches me nowhere but a current flows deep down merely by his presence. To me it feels like the perfect romance. And I begin to frown at all those faces I meet everyday who think ‘who can romance this unattractive face?’, which they have at times mentioned to me as well, quite rudely I must say. But they are unaware of the perfect romance I have in my purple dreams. If I’m dreaming of it then it must be happening somewhere in real. In some other dimension. Who knows what reality is?

Therefore, I smile. For, I have what I need; my Purple Dreams.

About Rubin A Rubina

Rubin A Rubina is an actor and writer who believes in one creator and one huge creativity cloud. That’s the reason behind art transcending all barriers. Writing is the connection to that vortex of the limitless.

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