You’re a Savant, Son

by Scott Stimler

flash fiction contest

“Happy birthday, son!”

“Thank you, mother! I do love these splendid decorations. Today is a momentous occasion, and I’ve always wanted to try lemon meringue cake.”

“Why, son, your father and I have got a marvelous gift for you. One that we should’ve given you long ago.”

“Well, what is it, mother?”

“It’s some news.”

“Some news? Well, what is it?”

“You, my son, are – ”

“ – Adopted?”

“No – ”

“ – Being financially and socially cut off from here on now?”

“No, no. You are – ”

“ – Really Uncle Burt’s love child from a fling you two had in Cancun?”

“No, that’s preposterous! Don’t be silly.”

“Well then, what is it?”

“You, my son, are a savant!”

“A savant?”

“Yes, a savant! You have a magnificent gift that comes naturally to you, unbeknownst to you, of course.”

“Really, mother?”

“Yes, really!”

“Oh, wow! So, I’m an incredibly skilled footballer?”


You’re a Savant, Son.

“Wait, no, I’m super quick at cleaning the floors?”


“Oooh, oooh, I know! I am an exceptional singer!”

“Far from it, son – You are the biggest and bestest idiot your father and I have ever seen! And no one could ever take that away from you…”

About Scott Stimler

Scott Stimler a 21-year-old British undergraduate student studying psychology in New York and an avid writer in the making. The playful banter that exists between my parents and myself on a daily basis inspired this piece of writing. You can follow Scott on Goodreads at “Scott S.”

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