Issue #14 May 2020

Writing is like a ‘lust,’ or like ‘scratching when you itch.’ Writing comes as a result of a very strong impulse, and when it does come, I, for one, must get it out. – C. S. Lewis

May 2020 issue
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Hello readers and writers!

What a crazy couple of months it has been? Unfortunately, these crazy times had an effect on our publication and we missed the deadline for our April (coming soon, we promise!). The show must go on they say and we made an executive decision to move forward and publish the May edition of the Book Smuggler’s Den.

I’m not a big fan of watching the news and I have heard plenty of people tell me why that is a bad idea. “You need to be informed,” they’ll say to me. But I counter with, “Why?” End. Of. Story. This is why I love turning to reading and writing! As a writer myself, I’ve been paying attention to prompts posted on social media. I feel that in times like these, writing about something totally unrelated is healthy! This is why we loved the pieces submitted to us this month! Pieces far removed from what the news reports, and I am so grateful we received so many enjoyable short stories and book recommendations.

The Book Smuggler’s Den does everything it can to promote authors, but we are a small publication. We are so grateful for all of those who submitted this month and can’t thank you enough for your interest in the magazine.

Without further ado (and drama) let’s get to some reading! 


Dani & The Book Smuggler’s Den Community

Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 10.16.39 AM


Stars and Sky, Ian Campbell

Dawn Into Dusttown, McKinnon

The One Who Leaves, Melissa Mark

Ọgbanje, Kasimma Okani

Star of the East, Edward Sheehy

Book Reviews

Adrift on the Nile by Naguib Mahfouz, Reviewed by Nadia Benjelloun

Writing prompts

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