Issue #12 March 2020

“There is no motivation higher than being a good writer.” – Tom Wolfe

March 2020 Issue
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Isn’t that the truth!

When talking with other writers, it is always fun to hear what motivates them to keep writing. Nonfiction writers tell me that they want to share their life experiences to comfort those going through the same thing. Or they say they want to educate the masses and bring awareness to a subject that they care deeply about.

Fiction authors are ambitious and creating a situation, world, fantasy language, and scenarios from scratch is truly amazing. How can you not be motivated enough to share something you came up with all on your own? Not to mention getting an agent, a deal with a major publisher, and who knows, a movie deal! Think about how many authors have their book catch the eye of a studio executive and hit the big screen not long after the book hits the shelves.

At the beginning of this year, many in the writing community set out to get published. We love to hear that! As with many New Year’s resolutions, some tend to fizzle out around this time. The Book Smuggler’s Den is so happy to see all the authors that took a leap of faith and submitted their short stories, essays, and poems to publications all over the US and the world.

To all of those who submitted this month, I can see the motivation of achieving your goals for getting published and published again. Thank you for showing our audience what motivation really looks like.

Happy writing,
Dani & The Book Smuggler’s Den Community

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Brain Comes Home, Charles Joseph Albert

The Unfaithful, Ila Das

The Bachelor, S.B. Edwards

The Outpost, James Garrison

Fanta Scented Love, Niranjana Hariharanandanan

California Baroque, Adair McPherson

The Chair in the Garden, Drew Alexander Ross


Earth Children, Shelby Adams

Another Kind of Redness, John Grey

Frigg Speaks, Laura Theis

When Trees Dream, Daniel Haskin

Book Reviews

Pantheon by Eric Syrdal

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