Earth Children

By Shelby Adams

Shelby Adams

Honey drips from Summer’s lips
the sun causing sweat to glisten
on her caramel skin,
Her jade eyes casting a piercing gaze
at the choppy ocean surf.

Autumn smells like cinnamon and apple cider
and wears a red cashmere sweater.
Wind whips her auburn hair
causing her hazel eyes to water
as she plants rust and pumpkin mums.

Frigid air numbs Winter’s face.
He pulls a drag of Newport
and stretches his wool beanie over
his ears. Peering into the midnight sky
at the lightly falling snow with his
cognac eyes.

Vibrant turquoise and cerise tattoos
cover his arms, platinum hair
falling just over his steel eyes.
The sun warming his skin
against the fresh morning air.

About Shelby Adams

Shelby Adams was born on an American Army base in Heidelberg, Germany but raised in Oxford, Michigan. She graduated from Oakland University with a Bachelors in Communication and is currently working as a Parts Specialist with Volkswagen Group Of America. Shelby invites you to visit her blog, The Ellie Journal

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