Metaverse of the Mind by Roy Abraham Varghese

Metaverse of Mind: The Cosmic Social Network by [Varghese, Roy Abraham,]
Genre: Social Sciences Print 195 pages Published: Blackbox; 1st January 8, 2022 Get your copy here

“The cosmos is a social media platform made up of a dizzying variety of users, astoundingly diverse messaging systems, and unimaginably complex relationship networks.”

Everything that exists – atoms and cells, energy fields, and ecosystems – constantly process information. Everything – photons and planets, microbes and mammals – continuously moves to a goal, advancing from one state to another. Everything – from particles to butterflies – is constantly causing effects in its environment. Everything is mind. Mind, like life, has its domains and kingdoms – from the mind-cloud that is matter to mind-bots, mind-pods, et al. We live in a metaverse of mind. This is the message of modern science.

My Thoughts on Metaverse of the Mind

If you’re a philosopher or someone who likes to think, you’re in for a treat. Roy Abraham Varghese’s Metaverse of the Mind challenges the reader to see beyond the big bang theory. What was the drive for all existence to come into play? Citing Nobel prize winners, atheists, and scientists in multiple fields, Varghese’s explains the metaverse of the mind.

To start, the outline of the book is fantastic. Then, Varghese breaks down this complex ideology into individual sections allowing you to gain the information needed to understand his argument. One of the first things that Varghese points out is the question, “where did thought and consciousness come from?” We all know about the big bang theory from high school science classes, but that’s where that education ends. In Metaverse of the Mind, you use that foundation to learn the pieces of science supporting the thought that God exists in all matter. I liked how the argument for what is matter pointed out that even animals play a role in the belief that God indeed played a role in the world we exist in today.

Varghese points out using well-cited sources that there is a difference between evolution and the metaverse of the mind. He challenges the belief that evolution is separate from God’s role in creating the universe. I took a step back and meditated on that belief for a second. I, like many, was always told that evolution was because of the big bang theory. However, I now too believe that evolution is separate. That a higher power, that God was a part of it all.

Before diving into the complexities of how each field of science all points back to God, Varghese uses an easy-to-follow analogy using what most of the population are familiar with; Social media. It is here where the reader begins their journey into the metaverse of the mind and why even the world’s most well-known scientists believe in a higher power.

My favorite section was the last one which breaks down the metaverse by what the “Mind Finders” found in their fields. Mind Finders are the most well-known persons in mathematics, physicists, and life scientists, including Charles Darwin. Darwin, of course, is the biologist who founded the theory of natural selection. Within this section, Varghese uses different fields of science as chapters.

Within these chapters are quotes from some of the best names in those fields. The reader learns these thinkers thoughts (no pun intended) on how science proves that a higher power is indeed working alongside our whole existence. I always assumed that a scientist is a scientist, and their work steers them from even considering the thought that there is a Higher Power at work. Max Born (a quantum pioneer) put me in my place! Born quotes, “Those who say that the study of science makes a man an atheist must be rather silly.” I’m blushing with embarrassment!

Philosophers, thinkers, believers, and nonbelievers will all find Metaverse of the Mind entertaining. I recommend those who don’t believe in God to pick up a copy. You may find yourself a believer by the time you finish reading.

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