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Carmine and the 13th Avenue Boys

carmine Imbriale
Genre: Organized Crime True Accounts, Crime Print 364 pages Publisher ‎WildBlue Press April 22, 2022 Get your copy here

This is the true story of Carmine Imbriale – a gambler, a brawler, a bandit, a bookie, an enforcer. For two decades, Imbriale was a street-level operative in one of the most violent crews in the Colombo Family, and he endeared himself to some of the major figures of organized crime while developing deadly disputes with others.

Now in hiding, Imbriale teams up with true-crime veteran writer Craig McGuire to take you inside the 13th Avenue rackets at the height of their violence. This is the jarring account of his lawless lifestyle culminating in a gang war in South Brooklyn, from which he emerges a survivor.



My Thoughts on Carmine and the 13th Avenue Boys

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Between my Audible account and paperback novels, a large portion of them are about crime and mystery, or nonfiction. Carmine and the 13th Ave Boys covers both, making it a perfect fit for me.

Carmine is your typical tough guy, yet behind the mask is a funny and compassionate real human being. He doesn’t brag about his rough past, which I feel is a common mistake that happens with characters who come from tough upbringings. He is humble and honest which makes you feel more compassion for him than you would otherwise.

What I appreciate about books based on true life is the accuracy of all details. The neighborhoods, people, dialogue, etc. I’ve yet to visit Brooklyn, and can only imagine what it is like based on reruns of SVU. The research that the authors conducted to make the story seem real gave me new insight as to how Brooklyn came to have the reputation you see on fictional tv shows. Carmine and the 13th Ave Boys does an excellent job bringing the people and time period to life.

For someone who has little knowledge about mobs and mafias, this was a compelling story that I’d think would make a great series of books.

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