The Book Smuggler’s Den Welcomes You!

Welcome Friends!

I have always been an avid reader, but last year I started to get behind on my reading list. I was in the midst of creating my freelance business and there always seemed to be something going on that would make it so I would abandon the book I was currently reading for weeks at a time. Nevertheless, reading is important and all I needed was the discipline to carve time out of my day to spend listening or reading a book.

Like so many other people at the beginning of a new year, I set a goal for 2018 where I would read and complete a book every week. Sounds tough? It was at first. Picking out books was the first hurdle to get over. To solve that problem, I made a list of different topics and themes that would allow me to find books that were different enough where I wouldn’t feel like I was reading the same plot line over and over.

While this blog comes a little late in the year, the challenge still stands for you! Below is a helpful list of topics that will guide you into finding your next favorite book.

52 books 152 books pg 2

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