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The Wife Between Us By Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen

Genres: Thriller, mystery, fiction, suspense Hardcover, 352 pages Published January 9, 2018 by St. Martian’s Press Find it on Goodreads here

Ever feel like your being followed?

You leave the coffee shop after visiting with a friend and the glare of a stranger is on you. Unfortunately, a quick scan of the crowded city streets yields no results. Still, that lingering feeling is there. Somewhere there is a pair of eyes watching you.

Emma is a young bride to be and planning her wedding with her fiance Richard. They are both madly in love with each other. Emma is feeling on top of the world until she starts to suspect that someone is out to get her. Against Richard’s wishes, she begins to seek out answers. Who is following her and why?

“I was happy, I think, but I wonder now if my memory is playing tricks on me. If it is giving me the gift of an illusion. We all layer them over our remembrances; the filters through which we want to see our lives.”

Vanessa is Richard’s ex-wife. Vanessa isn’t doing too hot these days. She drinks heavily and is obsessed with the thought of Richard being remarried, to the extent that she starts to actively seek out and ruin the wedding.

Perhaps Richard dodged a bullet by ending it with Vanessa? What is it that is driving Vanessa to plan to ruin another woman’s wedding?

All will be revealed by the end of Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen’s novel, The Wife Between Us.

My thoughts

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Audible chose this one for me, not the other way around. Their recommendations are usually spot on and I really enjoyed The Wife Between Us. For a period of time throughout the book, you really think that there is something mentally wrong with Vanessa. She is obsessed with her ex-husband’s relationship. Most would let a divorce go, but not Vanessa. There has to be something more to the story.

As always, there is.

Wanting to know why Vanessa seems like such a psycho is one of the reasons you can read this book in a day. The Good Wife has a great twist that slowly reveals that there is more than the eye can see. It is subtly brought up and then is ignored for a few chapters. Then more is revealed. Just when you think that explains everything, more secrets are uncovered explaining Vanessa’s unusual behavior.

The back and forth between the two women gets to be a bit confusing at certain points. Additionally, Richard’s nickname for Emma (Nelly) didn’t work for me either. At first, I thought three women were involved. It doesn’t help that they came up with Nelly from a name like Emma. The whole reason behind the nickname seemed kind of pointless to me.

I love stories where the author keeps you guessing and changing whose side you are on. It gives the story that extra oomph to want you to continue reading until you realize you’ve been doing so for hours! I’d definitely recommend it!
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