The Light Tears Loose by KB Ballentine

February is already here! February is one of my favorite winter months because it is the shortest winter month. While I don’t like to rush time, I’m ready to start seeing buds on trees, green grass, and going outside without having at least three layers on. While I weather the negative degree temps and icy roads, I enjoyed reading KB Ballentine’s The Light Tears Loose

The Light Tears Loose, KB Ballentine
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The poems in The Light Tears Loose move from illustrations of light into dark – then darker -territory before it morphs back to light. Past and present circumstances often feel overwhelming, but it is in seeking that “silver lining” that we find reason to move forward, to keep going when the way seems vague or threatening. Our fear in living does not keep us from experiencing love and beauty, friendship and brightness along the way.

As witnesses in the world, by connecting with nature, we can indulge ourselves with rest and renewal because we see it happen day after day, season after season. Darkness and winter come to us all but so do sunshine and spring. This is what we hold on to, even when the shadows creep so close we can’t breathe. Keep moving forward: on the other side is the light.

My Thoughts

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What beautiful language! The verbs and descriptions bring you to both dark and uplifting states of mind. The poems about KB’s mother are absolutely moving, especially now that I am a mother myself. The Light Tears Loose achieves an exceptional level of sensitivity and emotion while retaining a unique perspective that enables the reader to feel surprised in unexpected ways. If you love poetry as much as me, you need to pick up a copy!

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