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Sometimes the strength of motherhood is greater than natural laws. – Barbara Kingsolver

blogs to submit toOh Boy!

And I say, “Oh Boy,” because that’s what my husband and I were blessed with on August 30, 2020. 

What a time we live in. A time where I had a baby and had to take a break from the site. Now that my mustache man is more independent, and I have a general idea of what it takes to keep a human alive, The Book Smuggler’s Den is back up and running. I do apologize to anyone who previously submitted to the magazine and never heard back. Please understand that juggling a baby, marketing authors, and creating a monthly ezine took me some time to figure out how to balance my computer in one hand with a baby in another so that neither fall onto the pile of soiled nappies.

Being this busy and needing something to unwind with is why I love reading and writing. It gives you a break from reality, or if you’re nonfiction, a way to release any anxieties about life. In my postpartum state, I have been writing out my feelings, sometimes even deleting what I wrote on purpose because it was too angry. Nobody needs to read too much sass in a short story or essay. Saving some of that sass makes for a great addition to your next young adult novel, right?

The Book Smuggler’s Den has had a flood of book review submissions from the writing community. It makes us so happy to see how many people are giving the world something to enjoy! So many new authors and books to add to your reading challenge as we close out the year. Our featured author, Ron Yates, was a pleasure to speak to and read his new book, Ben Stempton’s Boy. We also spoke with children’s author Inger Brown about her picture book series, The Bobbling.

We invite you to come read about these authors and other book reviews we had a chance to read over the past couple of months. And a massive shout-out to any writing mammas out there. You have one of the most challenging jobs, and I commend you for your writing success.

Remember to support your local authors and bookstores!

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Featured Author Ron Yates

Ben Stempton’s Boy Book Review

Book Reviews

The Machine Murders by CJ Abazis

Access Point by Tom Gabbay

On the Market by Audrey Wick

Whisper of the Lotus by Gabrielle Yetter

Eli and the Mystery of the Hallowshine Dragon by Eve Cabanel

The Surreal Adventures of Anthony Zen by Cameron A. Straughan

Earthrise by Dr. Deborah Fleming

Author Interviews

Inger Brown, The Bobbling Series

Eric D. Goodman and Sally Whitney

Yang Huang, Living Treasures

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