By Anthony Salandy


As night descends on the villages
And snowfall begins to grow
One can only gaze at the frigid skies above,

Skies which grace the barren Earth
With a silky blanket of hoary decor
As if the season was innately decorative,

But as the snowy sky descends
Upon the frozen lakes
And thatched houses in every direction

All that can be seen is the smoke
Which laments its escape 
From the snow adorned chimney tops

Which act as barriers to the frigidity
Of the cool temperament of winter
Where only frosty blizzards now act

As silent barriers to the evening
And to the brief moments of sunshine
Above the blanketed Earth,

But just before dawn
Does snow fall stop momentarily
To give glimpse of the star speckled sky-

That exists just above the clouds
Which bellow and holler tempestuously
Below the northern star,

But snowfall begins to endure once more
Above the dimly lit homes of humanity-
So blissfully unaware of the weather-

For which they alter in severity.

About Anthony Salandy

Anthony is an aspiring poet who likes to focus on the contrast between nature and humanity but also the many similarities that bring the two together. Anthony enjoys the pastoral as well as the depth of human sentiment and action and tries in earnest to express this in his poetry. Anthony travels frequently and has spent most of his life in Kuwait jostling between the UK & America. Anthony enjoys writing about the impact of multiculturalism in his life as well. Anthony has been published four times in such literary journals as The Kuwait Poets Society’s Ink & Oil Zine (June 2019), The Showbear Family Circus & Dream Noir Literary Journal. Anthony is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Sociology at The University of Amsterdam.

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