Rosemary Summers

By Melinda Jane


peaks of fitted energy
emerge at day break

Settle in for heating rays
gearing for the raid today

tissue my fine lean body
under lace sunblock webs
closing recesses, gypsum dry leaks

lilting cotton dress
feet bare
freedom, leisurely
washing words
figuring out
what symbols to attend

I play with the moods of this abode
close out the mellophone lives
burrowing worms
hyper-flight insects
Galago Galahs
coral grains lifting
from pepperoni holes

Jokes exchanged, Larrikins on
Trills, teeming peep
Surly, churlish Corellas

dosage of
acoustic sounds surround
salt-shaker Magpies
oscillogram on their manor
tiger snakes on wings
these Majors feast

Shorn rams, buffed
nudged knee-high
rye rue
grass variants arrays

Rosemary Summers coyly purrs
sudden joy at this repose
tu-whit, tu-whit, tu-whoo…

About Melinda Jane

Melinda Jane is a spoken word artist with explorations in soundscapes, installation art, improv music in the performing arts. She performs at festivals and galleries. Her poems, prose and short stories published in various journals and anthologies like Mekong Review, Brushfire, Dime Show Review, cahoodaloodaling, The Paragon Journal, Hawai‘i Review, The Anti-Languorous Project, The Felt, Backstory, Rambutan Literary.

To learn more about Melinda, you can visit her site at

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