My New Year Wish to You

By Izabelle Cassandra Alexander

new-years-eve-1953253_1920 (1)

May your new year be wonderful
in every way possible!

May you be healthy and full of zest,
living each moment unfolding
to your and others’ highest best.

Delight in the big surprises and
small miracles of life.
May joy fill your heart
and every day,
love surround you as you keep on
pursuing your dreams,
and change for a better version of you
each morning.

Inspiration, success, and moments of silence
embedded in unsurpassable peace
may wash over you and heal
each particle of your being
exposed to sickness or pain.

A new year may recharge and liven your soul.
Be as happy as you can be, unimaginable,
like never before.

Make your mark in the world
and this new year count!

About Izabelle Cassandra Alexander

Izabelle Cassandra Alexander was born and raised in a little village in Hungary and now resides in Des Plaines, Illinois. She’s a single mother. Nature and animal lover. She writes short stories, creative nonfiction essays, flash fiction, plays, and poetry, currently working on a few novels and a series of children’s books along with illustrations.
Her work has been published in Spark, 2016, 2018, and 2019, ISPS Anthology Distilled Lives, Volume 4, 2018, Yearning to be Free, 2019, by The Scarlet Leaf, 2018, WOW! Women on Writing, 2019, and more.

You can find her work on her website at and on Patreon at

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