Late Autumn on a Maine Lake

By Noelle Flewelling Carle


You two should be gone by now.
The wind has turned and pushes from the north
with a hint
of frozen days
and dark mysterious nights.
The air is shot through with leaves
like clumsy arrows lazily loosed.

You should go before the
water stills and holds you,
before the trees are bare,
before the grey water
reflects the pewter sky.

Oh, I know…
I know why
you are still here.
It is this air,
laden with
pine, maple, cedar, water,
the sounds of you that haunt these shores.

It is this water, these silent
long nights,
these very skies
that hold you.
you two should be gone by now.

About Noelle Flewelling Carle

Noelle Flewelling Carle is the author of three novels, two children’s coloring books, poetry, numerous essays, articles, and devotionals. She lives with her husband Russell in Maine where she finds her muse beside the waters of Big Lake. She has two blogs that may be found at, and Two of her books are available as e-books on Amazon Some Smaller Grace and Light Over Water. Her third novel was the Grand Prize Winner in Deep River Books Novel Contest in 2013. It has been released and is now out of print. She is currently working on her fourth novel and invites you to check out her Facebook Page where you can keep up with her writings.

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