Issue #6 September 2019

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. – Malcolm X

Back to School Sept 2019 Issue (1)
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When I was a kid going to Catholic school, I always had mixed emotions about summer ending and starting a new grade. When I started the sixth grade, that meant having multiple teachers, and I was scared. Scared because of “Big Red.” Big Red was the eighth-grade teacher who taught math. She was also the one who you could hear from the hallways yelling at the top of her lungs when a student was acting up.

The students all had their rumors about her and how strict she was. Things that seemed no big deal to a student meant a lot to her. When you went to Big Red’s math class, your shirt was tucked in, your skirt was below your knees, and you sat up straight at your desk.

I headed through the doorway into her classroom, and it was like we were heading to church. Going through that doorway meant to be quiet, find a seat, and start reviewing the previous night’s homework.

She got up from her desk and smiled at the class, introducing herself despite knowing that everyone at school knew who Big Red was. In the year I had Big Red, she never screamed, never talked down to me, and was always available for extra help after class. (Which was helpful for someone like me who is horrible at math!)

Oh, the things you learn about school. It isn’t just the subjects you take, but the friendships you make and the experiences that shape you as a person.

Without education, there wouldn’t be fantastic writers like the ones who contributed to this month’s magazine! Let’s get to it and read some of the best stories about heading back to school. Thanks again to all of you who submitted!

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Inside this Edition


Low Probability, Philp CK
Mount Misery Road Elementary School, Michele A. Hromada
The Queen of Mirth and Me, David McVey
Mommy Loves You, John Power
Nemesis, Mandy Ruthnum
Reborn (and Battle Scars), Jennifer Schneider
When the Butterflies Stirred, Charlotte Williams


The Locker, Maria Ostrowski
Salty Hands, Bethany Votaw

Book Review of the Month

Sun & Moon by Michel Weatherall, Reviewed by Mark Antony Rossi

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