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I’m super excited to introduce to you Franci T. Perry Williams. Francis is the author of Pollen And The Ring Of Harmony, the most talked about sci-fi novel of 2008. He now has a new book out that caught my eye. It’s so unique that I had to hear what he has to say about being an author.

Francis T. Perry
Genre: Religious Science Fiction & Fantasy, Religious Dorrance Publishing Co. October 14, 2022 394 pages Get your copy here

What inspired you to write a book?
A while back I was cleaning out my office and a National Geographic magazine dropped on the floor. It had a picture of Jesus on the cover with the caption, ‘The Real Jesus’. From that second I couldn’t stop thinking about Jesus and what kind of person he would be to actually know in person. I wanted to know as much as possible everything about him and there is not a lot. Then I realized that the only way to truly know Jesus would be to go back in time to meet him and see the amazing things that he did. From that moment, Saving Christ: Starway Seven was born.

What do you find unique about your current book?
Saving Christ: Starway Seven is the first and only book to show the truly human side of Jesus. You get to meet and see Jesus through the eyes of a modern-day woman who is sent back in time to be with Jesus during his last seven days. All the stories about Jesus are two thousand years old, mine is the first one to bring Jesus into the modern world we live in today. I want readers to know Jesus not only as a God but also as a friend you could actually have a conversation with and spend time next to him. There is nothing else like my book especially if you want to know more about Jesus.

Tell us about your writing style. How is it different from others?
My writing style is plain and simple but complicated at the same time. Most writers want to make their work sound beautiful and poetic but unfortunately for them real people just don’t talk that way in real life. The trick is to make the way people actually talk sound interesting and I feel in Saving Christ I have done just that.

Was there a book or author that you admired that played a role when developing your book?
One of my favorite authors is still Michael Crichton who used a lot of down-to-earth science fiction in his writings. Also, because almost all of his books were made into movies makes him even more impressive to me. Saving Christ is custom-made to be a movie. Imagine all the people around the earth feeling like they had actually met the real Jesus.

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?
Number one: Learn how to take rejection. I am still trying to sell my first book, Pollen and the Ring of Harmony about an alien sent to Earth to protect mother nature to the movie industry. I have hundreds and hundreds of polite rejections. Always close but no cigar.

Do you have anything new you are working on at the moment?
Yes, along with the sequel to Saving Christ: Starway Seven called Saving the Messiah: Starway Eight, I have another concept involving the ‘Saving Series’ which is called Saving Freedom: Starway nine. That is about sending time travelers back in time to stop all slavery from happening in the United States. Now you really have to think about that one. What would happen if there was no slavery in the United States and how would that change things for us that live here today? Think about it.

About Francis T. Perry Williams

Francis T. Perry Williams graduated with a degree in drama and a minor in art and music from San Diego State University, where he wrote, directed, and acted. He’s appeared in sitcoms such as Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, Bosom Buddies as well as in the feature, Pennies from Heaven. He also wrote an episode for Laverne and Shirley. His first book, Pollen and the Ring of Harmony is about living in harmony with nature. His next book, Saving Christ: Starway Seven is about understanding the true love of Jesus. He now lives in Hayden, Idaho surrounded by nature and wild animals which he protects.

You can learn more about Francis on his website at

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