The Epiphany – Creative Writing Online Training

Each story rises when a good idea is united with imagination and desire for writing.
Then each author as the great architect of his own universe creates a space and time in which his heroes start unexpected adventures.

creative writing online training

The Epiphany – an international creative writing online training

for professionals with more or less experience who want to increase their potential and competencies for writing, or for beginners with strong motivation to learn secrets of creative writing. The curriculum is based on Joseph Campbell “Myth structure theory” and other ideas of some of the great writers, like Edgar Allan Poe, Umberto Eco, Mary Shelley, Carlos Ruiz Zafon etc. The training includes eight creative tasks for writing stories. Each participant will get feedback for his stories from mentors, and advice on how to use his creativity in writing.

The main goals of this creative writing online training is to develop strong motivation and discipline in writing, and especially to encourage innovative thinking and finding original solutions for writing challenges and tasks.

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