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the serpent and the firefly
Genre: Fantasy, 226 pages 5 Prince Publishing Published May 2, 2023 Get your copy here

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I hope your year in reading is going well. I came across a book that I know fantasy readers will enjoy. The Serpent and the Firefly, is a newly imagined and sinister world lurking just beneath our own. This fast-paced stand-alone has something for every kind of fantasy lover. From a head-strong heroine with newly-discovered powers to a devilishly handsome demon shapeshifter, Courtney Davis has devised an instant fan favorite.

I was excited to interview Courtney and learn more about her beginnings and new book.

What inspired you to write a book?
I have always loved to read; even as a kid, I was a big reader. Judy Blume and R.L. Stein, when I was in elementary school turned into Victoria Holt by the time I was in Jr. High and had smuggled a few of my mom’s romance novels too. The idea to write came from the love of a good story, and my first success was in 8th grade when I wrote a short story called Santa’s Sweat Shop, a kind of horror Christmas story. As I grew, so did my desire to write and I started my first novel that I would go on to finish when I was eighteen. Creating something for other people to enjoy the way I enjoy reading is my ultimate goal.

Was there a book or author that you admired that played a role when developing your book?
For The Serpent and The Firefly in particular? No, but I do think that in general, I find inspiration in almost everything I read. I love a story that makes me want to stay up all night, damn the consequences, and a story that makes me sad when it’s over, not because the story was sad but because the journey is over. That’s what I strive for in my writing.

It is often said that to write something, you must believe in what you are writing. Do you agree with that?
I think that makes perfect sense. If I don’t think what I’m writing is good, why would anyone else? That doesn’t mean it has to have a moral or a message, but it better be entertaining.

Do you have a set schedule for writing, or are you one of those who writes only when they feel inspired?
I try to write every day, I hate going a full day without at least opening up my story. I write early morning, late at night, and on my lunch break. I write on weekends, and I rarely miss a day of at least trying. Some days I don’t get anywhere, and some days I don’t even open my laptop, but those are rare. Writing is my life, it is how I relax, how I have fun, and how I hope to someday make enough money to quit teaching.

Tell us about your writing style; how is it different from other writers?
I think I have a fast-paced style with long-winded sentence structure. I am often editing and think, did I really ramble a sentence as long as the paragraph? And at the same time, my stories are not long, they aren’t epic fantasies, I like to think of them as beach reads, vacation books, things that will give you a great story, lots of bang for your buck and leave you with a smile. No extra fluff to wade through if I can help it.

What, according to you, is the hardest thing about writing? What would you say is the most natural aspect of writing?
The hardest thing for me is to advertise my books. I am not good at talking myself up, or my books, I’m not a salesman, it’s hard. I wish I could write, send it off, and never have to deal with it again. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy events and talking about my books, it’s just hard for me as an introvert, and I don’t feel like I’m good at it, and I don’t like doing things I’m not good at…
The most natural thing is coming up with ideas, I have a million, and I could sit and write for hours most days with no problem. If only I didn’t have a job, or kids, or a husband, or animals… lol.

Have you ever experienced “Writer’s Block”? How long do they usually last? Any tips you would like to share to overcome it?
When I’m feeling blocked, I do two things. The first thing I try is to go back to the start of the story and re-read everything, a lot of times, that gets me feeling inspired again, and I’m ready to go. If that doesn’t work, I set the story aside and work on another for a while until I feel the inspiration for the other story again.

Any advice you would like to give to aspiring writers?
Don’t expect everything you write to be great. Try and be honest with yourself and harsh. If it’s good, put it out there; if you aren’t sure, don’t. Or, at the very least, get an opinion from someone, not a relation or good friend, they will likely lie about how amazing you are.

Are you working on something new at the moment?
I am finishing up a dystopian romance right now and am finishing up a trilogy that will release starting in August. The Atlantis series is coming out with 5 Prince Books, Aug, Nov, and Feb. The first book is, Vampires of Atlantis, the second is Aristotle’s Wolves and the third is Descendants of Atlantis.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?
I just started up a Kindle Vella story! My first attempt at it, the story is called, A Vampire’s Guide to Human Ownership. Check it out and see if you like my style. I also have a free read completed on my website for readers to check out.

About Courtney Davis

Courtney Davis is the author of A Spider in the Garden and writes urban fantasy, paranormal fiction, and science fiction, known for skillfully incorporating romance and humor into action-packed adventures. A member of the Fantasy and Sci-Fi Writers Alliance, she is a master world-builder and most enjoys exploring interactions between human and non-human characters. Davis resides in Idaho with her husband and children, teaching elementary school, reading, writing, and soaking up the sun.

Learn more about Courtney and grab your copy of The Serpent and the Firefly on her website at You can follow Courtney on Twitter @AuthorCDavis and on Instagram @authorcourtneydavis

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