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Daee Dreamz

LogoIdeaDaee Dreamz is a business that exists to serve as a platform for the creative, misunderstood, artists of all varieties. All of Daee Dreamz services are tailored to the inventors, original-thinkers, and people who never put their imagination down for adulthood. This one-person show is run by a single mother who has had her share of difficulty. Daee Dreamz is a dedicated supporter of small businesses, artists and authors so if you want some marketing space in their comfy pages; it is always no charge to you!


20190511_1352066324927799360778608LittleTinkablee’s original intent was to create a lifestyle blog and that’s what this is as well as one where she’ll do book reviews and a little bit of everything.  She is also currently “writing” her childhood dream of becoming an author, and is at the moment writing a novel that she’s hoping will one day be published! Stay up to date with LittleTinablee with her new DIY makes, posts on how she makes her candles, and where you can purchase them.

Mermaid’s Den by Izabella

kagura-meme-3-1Izabella (but feel free to call her Kagura) invites you to read her blog. If you’re a fan of writing, anime, video games, or just enjoy the constant ramblings of someone just posting whatever comes to mind, then this blog is the place for you. Be sure to drop by and give it a read!


Saturday Story Time by Daniel Deisinger

3845165Head on over to Daniel’s website, Saturday Story Time to find some good original reads. There you can find a list of all of his published works, as well as a huge collection of stories that date way back to 2013 when he began to promote himself.

The Writings of Leo Byrne Jenicek

cropped-typewriter2Leo Byrne Jenicek is a native award-winning screenwriter who has performed improv and sketch comedy all over New York. More specifically he has performed at Surf Reality, Caroline’s, the UBC Theater and the P.I.T. He’s appeared in such films as Woody Allen’s Celebrity and City Hall as well as on the Chris Rock Show. You can follow him on Twitter @DangerRanger.

Yeah Lifestyle: Travel, Beauty & Food Review

Yeah-Lifestyle-Logo-webYeah Lifestyle currently does reviews on restaurant reviews, spa/beauty locations, book reviews, food ingredients/product reviews, family-friendly holiday destinations (both local and international), events/exhibitions, special event features ie Mother’s Day, Easter, Christmas toys as well as tech and gadget. They cover Cheshire, Staffordshire , Manchester, Birmingham and sometimes Liverpool. If you would like Yeah Lifestyle to review a location which is outside these areas, just let them know and they’ll email you their charges (which includes a small fee, transport and lodging costs). If you would like to discuss further about the sponsored posts/collaboration, do email them at and they’ll get back to you with answers.

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