Blacky Jean

by Brittany Oppenheimer

flash fiction

My Dad is a racist.

He hates my best friend Blacky Jean. Blacky Jean never likes to give attention. It’s only when BJ is given something important that she shows her affection for other people. Dad hates how Blacky Jean steals other people’s stuff without any common courtesy. Dad also hates how BJ constantly has sex with other random boys.

Blacky Jean likes to sleep.
Blacky Jean likes to fight.
Blacky Jean likes to cause mischief.

Blacky Jean really likes catnip.
And most of all, Blacky Jean is no fool.
Were you fooled into reading this differently?

About Brittany Oppenheimer

Brittany Ann Oppenheimer is a writing studies major at Bridgewater State University. She loves animals, music, rusty basement smells, and writing for fun. Brittany hopes to graduate with her bachelor’s degree in the spring of 2021. She cannot wait to return home to see her dog Kassie and two cats Loki and Binx after the end of each semester. So far, Brittany Ann Oppenheimer has published a piece called “Where The Light Takes Me” in Holyoke Community College’s Pulp City Journal. She has also written for The Y Syndrome Magazine and the Bridgewater State University newspaper called “The Comment” from spring 2019 to fall 2019. You can follow her on Twitter @OppenheimerAnn

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