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Lily’s Homefront by Hillary Tiefer

Lily's home front
Genre Historical fiction, World War II fiction Print 270 pages Moonshine Cove Publishing, LLC October 4, 2018 Get your copy here

During World War II, Lily Gordon, a twenty-year-old welder on Liberty Ships, is in love with the soldier, Jim Harper. Tensions arise when Jim’s family disapproves of Lily being Jewish. Despite both their families’ objections, Lily and Jim marry. Soon afterward, Jim leaves with his Army division for Europe. He not only risks his life fighting, his Army division liberates a Nazi death camp, where he gains a true understanding of the horrors of bigotry. During this terrible time of war, Lily gains a new perspective about what to value in life.

My Thoughts About Lily’s Homefront

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I recently joined a book club in my neighborhood and all of us girls read Lily’s Home Front. We all found it to be a great read. Lily was a likable character that you could connect to despite her living in a time period so far different from the crazy social media-centric society we live in now. Hillary Tiefer gives us a detailed and accurate version of the time when families faced uncertain futures and personal desires. The harsh realities of war are unfathomable. Bust with our heroine, Lily, you see the triumphs many faced over adversity. Well-written and descriptive makes this for a book club recommend read.

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