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While I am an avid reader, there are those weeks when I need to multitask, and that’s when I look to indie author audiobooks. It’s always a win-win. Indie author audiobooks make folding laundry or changing a diaper much more enjoyable. I used my Audible credits and listened to these three authors who contacted me about their books. I give these authors a lot of credit (no pun intended) to give readers another way to enjoy their books.

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We loved these novels not only for the stories, but the narrators did a fantastic job! If you are looking to create an audio version of your book, there are several Pay to Play (P2P) sites to consider including: Bodalgo, Voice 123, VOPlanet, The Voice Realm, Voiceovers, and Voices. Other options include recording it yourself or hiring a freelancer. You can search for narrators on Upwork, Fiverr, or For further information about audiobook narration, check out this article by SoundWise.

A Better Heart, Chuck Augello

a better heart
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A Better Heart was such a heartwarming story! Kevin is a film writer and director trying to make it in Hollywood. He is directing his first full-length film when his father, George, walks onto the set with a monkey. Confused, Kevin is soon contacted by the FBI regarding his father. It turns out that George stole the monkey for an animal testing lab. Doug Greene who narrates A Better Heart encapsulates all the emotions that you’d feel regarding the cruelty animals endure when humans use them as test subjects. Some scenes get a little graphic but stick with it. I highly suggest listening to it to feel the raw emotion of the relationships between Kevin, George, and Henry the monkey.

Cape Nome, Neil Perry Gordon

Cape Nome
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Talk about the wild, wild, west! Cape Nome is the second book in The Alaskan Adventures of Percy Hope series by Neil Gordon. I didn’t read the first one so I can’t speak to that, but now that I’ve read book two in the series, I HAVE to add it to my to-read list. The narrator, Tim Tidball, gave each character a very solidly established voice and is quite talented with his use of emotions and various nuances of speech. As for the story itself, Gordon meshes together murder, conspiracies, betrayals, high stakes, tight plotting, and entertaining characters, into one unique and well-written story about the gold rush in Alaska. The plot is full of action and thickens as Percy begins to dig deep into the various murders and kidnappings. Cape Nome is a must-listen.

Lane Betrayal, John A. Heldt

Indie Author Audiobook
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If you’re looking for an exciting historical novel, The Lane Betrayal was beyond captivating. In some audiobooks, you’ll find the narrator changing their voice for each character. I’m not much of a fan of that style of narration. I like narrators who use inflection, but not soo much that it gets annoying after a while. It takes away from the novel! Not only was The Lane Betrayal a well-written book, but the narrator, Todd Menesses, did an excellent job making the story come alive. I was on the edge of my seat, wanting to know whether Virginia physicist Mark Lane can protect President Lincoln from getting shot while still making it back to the 21st century with his family. The Lane Betrayal is the first book in the Time Box series from Heldt. I can only hope that the following four books will be available by the same narrator.

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