How the Quiet Breathes by John Michael Flynn

How the quiet breathes air
Genre: Travel, travel essays Print 266 pages Publisher: New Meridian Arts April 16, 2020 Get your copy here

Flynn’s prose at every turn is crisp and evocative; he has a gift for the description of cities, landscapes and characters-the latter seem so real one could almost touch them. John Michael Flynn’s language dazzles to a very real end. The range of tones and locales he uses is impressive but more impressive is the feeling invested in what almost inevitably slips through time’s fingers. This is a wonderfully vivid collection that crackles with energy and insight!

My Thoughts on How the Quiet Breathes

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First off, I’d like to compliment Michael Flynn. He is a very talented author who has a gift for describing cities, landscapes, and characters. In his recently published book, How the Quiet Breathes, he dazzles the reader from start to finish. Flynn impressed me with his attention to detail and you can tell the energy he puts into his writing. The vocabulary and the tones of the locales he encounters in his travels are refreshing. It is as if you are in the cities and towns he visits. I re-read a few essays in How the Quiet Breathes simply because they were so well-written! I recommend Flynn’s book to all souls who love to wonder.

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