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Gerry the Likable by Al Tran

Gerry How do we teach kids to stop cyberbullying?

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Genre: children’s, fiction, middle school, paperback 33 pages, Published December 2, 2022 by Benefits, The; Large type / Large print edition Get your copy here

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Gerry the Likable is a cute and quick story about a boy named Gerry who finds himself in a familiar situation that many kids find themselves in today. Cyberbullying. This is a story about how to stop cyberbullying that is good for both parents and kids to read.

There are so many social media sites on the web, and many kids have access to them. Parents and caregivers can only do so much, but teens and kids will find themselves on a social media site eventually. Whether it is to watch a viral dog video or to catch up on what is going on in their friends’ lives.

I was bullied as a kid and understand the emotions that come with it.

I wrote journals and hid them in my room. Now, journals have become posts on websites and social media. It is easy to hide behind a computer and poke fun at someone, making cyberbullying more common. Gerry the Likable tells the story of Gerry, who is made fun of because, in his profile picture, he “looks like a nerd.” When Gerry gets home, he posts a viral video, and his classmate, who called him a nerd, feels terrible.

A good message for parents to stop cyberbullying

In the long run, parents need to understand what cyberbullying is and how their kids can be either on the receiving end or the one initiating it. Kids and teens don’t want to talk to parents about this. Gerry the Likable explains how you can intervene if you suspect cyberbullying is happening in your household.

Pay attention to kids and teens.

Attention, kids and teens! Stop cyberbullying by talking about Gerry the Liakble with an adult. The photos in the book are cute, and I loved how the viral video was of Gerry’s cat. Silly videos of pets and animals draw people of all ages to the web and are relatable. I listened to the audible version, and the narrator did the story justice with appropriate inflections where needed to stress the importance of the sentence. I recommend getting the print version to learn the emtions people show when they are a victim of cyberbullying.

Gerry and the Likable is an excellent read for the whole family, and I couldn’t stress the importance of how it starts the conversation about how to stop cyberbullying.

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