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Demons of the Mind: A Psychogenic Thriller by Tamikio Reardon

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense Kindle Edition, 226 pages
Published February 4th 2018 by Find it on Goodreads here

Fletcher is only a child when he encounters a strange being in his mansion while under the watch of his babysitter. When his mother and father, Amelia and Axel, return home to find Fletcher still out of bed Amia fires the babysitter at once calling her nasty names as she does so.

Fast forward to when Fletcher is older in school, he comes home with bruises and cuts after being jumped at by two bullies. Normally a mother would console her son, but not Amelia. She punishes him and it won’t be the first time she does so.

His red hair shone in the reflection of the light over the sink, his gray eyes hard as steel.

Amelia seems to have gotten everything she wants in life but is as bitter as can be. “Concerned” about her son, she has him dragged away to an insane asylum. You soon find out what it is that caused the Jones family to fall apart, and it isn’t pretty.

My Thoughts about Demons of the Mind

I enjoyed Demons of the Mind. It had good plot twists and the characters were well developed. The mother is so EVIL! Reardon really makes you hate the mother despite revealing what it is that made her so bitter and cold.

You really feel for poor Fletcher. The raw abuse described in the story isn’t pretty. The detailed description of exactly what type of abuse happens reminded me of an SVU episode.

The only thing that didn’t work for me was at one point of the story, you start hearing about random characters that don’t seem to belong. I understood the reason they were there was to add to the insane asylum. I felt that the atmosphere was well-defined. I would have rather seen that focus back on Fletcher and his interactions with the staff. The other people that came up while he was in the insane asylum could have been subtly brought in versus having detailed accounts of what they were going through.

Reardon does an excellent job at writing a creepy novel. A perfect read for Halloween night!

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