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After the Robots Died, Issue #2: The Eye in The Sand

after the robots died
“Genre: Science Fiction Graphic Novels, Children’s eBo” ks 34 pages‎ Abigail Books June 17, 2023. Get your copy here.

After the Robots Died, The Eye in The Sand continues the enthralling post-apocalyptic series. This issue delves deeper into the mysterious world left behind after the extinction of robots.

The story begins with a breathtaking cover that immediately captures the essence of the story. The image of a desolate desert, dominated by towering dunes, is hauntingly beautiful. The central focus on the metallic eye buried in the sand creates an air of intrigue, leaving readers eager to uncover the secrets within.

The story picks up where the first issue left off, following our courageous group of survivors navigating the harsh desert landscape for supplies and answers. The character development is exceptional, as each group member faces their struggles while adapting to their new world. With their resilience and determination, the protagonist continues to be a relatable and engaging anchor for the readers to connect with.

This second installment grips readers with its captivating narrative, intense action, and thought-provoking exploration of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

The writing style is superb, effortlessly immersing readers into the post-apocalyptic setting. The detailed descriptions of the environment, from the scorching heat to the endless stretches of sand, evoke a palpable sense of desolation. The pacing of the story is well-executed, balancing moments of intense action with introspective character-driven scenes that delve into the emotional toll of survival.

Introducing the mysterious phenomenon, the eye in the sand, adds thrilling intrigue to the narrative. The curiosity and anticipation as the group stumbles upon this enigma is gripping! You eagerly await the unveiling of its significance. Dubish skillfully weaves suspense and mystery into the plot. Each sentence leaves breadcrumbs of information that keep readers on the edge of their seats.

One of the strengths of this issue is its exploration of human resilience and the bonds formed in times of crisis.

The development of the character’s dynamic is fantastic. The issue highlights the complexities of their relationships and the sacrifices they make for one another. The story explores trust, loyalty, and the indomitable spirit of humanity. These qualities make it a thrilling adventure and a poignant amination of the human condition.
The artwork in After the Robots Died: The Eye in The Sand is exceptional. The illustrations expertly capture the desert environment’s harshness, showcasing the wasteland’s vastness and beauty. The attention to detail in character design and facial expressions adds depth and emotion to the story, enhancing the overall reading experience.

With its fascinating narrative, well-developed characters, and captivating artwork, this issue successfully keeps readers hooked from beginning to end. It will leave you eagerly anticipating the next installment. Readers will yearn to uncover the secrets buried within the sands of this hauntingly intriguing world.

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