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The Book Smuggler’s Den adores reading, and as such, we are always extremely happy and grateful to publish our honest book review of literature that we have either requested or personally accepted.

The Book Smuggler’s Den welcomes all contact from authors/publishers with regards to honest reviews to their books or involvement in upcoming projects. We will only give our honest, true opinion of the book that we are reviewing and note that we are under no obligation to give a false positive review. The Book Smuggler’s Den will try its very best to complete a review within two months or the date of publication, but due to work commitments, we cannot guarantee reviews will be completed within a certain time frame. Likewise, we withhold the right to not review a book in certain circumstances, such as if we really do not enjoy the book.

The Book Smuggler’s Den is happy to read and review your title! All we ask is that you be sure it goes along with the following.

Book review editor’s guidelines

  • We will accept hardcovers, paperbacks, or digital copies from authors and/or publishers.
  • The Book Smuggler’s Den publishes only honest reviews about the books we’ve enjoyed reading. If we didn’t like a title as much as others, we will let people know that as well.
  • All opinions are of the Book Smuggler’s Den, unless we participate in a group read then we may have some of their thoughts as well.
  • If you send us a book and would like a review on a certain day or by a certain time, please let us know so we can do so.
  • Please know that all of the books we review, we purchase ourselves. If we have been sent a book or have won a book, we will always state accordingly.

Basic book review ($5):

  • 200-word review
  • 90-day turnaround
  • Posted on blog
  • Review posted on Goodreads
  • Shared on the Book Smuggler’s Den Instagram and Facebook accounts
  • Tweeted once

Book Review PLUS ($10):

  • A 500+ word review
  • 60-day turnaround
  • Posted on blog
  • Review posted on Goodreads
  • Shared on the Book Smuggler’s Den Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts
  • Tweeted 5x
  • Featured on the Book Smuggler’s Den front page book slider

Upgrade to our Brag About It ($15) or Brag About It PRO ($20) for a quicker review turnaround time, an author interview, and more coverage on the web.

If you would like your book to be featured here, contact us at Please Use “Review Request + Title of your book” in the subject line if you would like us to feature you here in the Den. Also, please include any additional information such as Release date; Publisher; Page count; Formats, Cover art…etc. Or better yet, feel free to use the contact form.

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