Rating System

When it comes to reviews, stars are so last century! So let’s mix it up a bit, shall we? How many books you can smuggle in a year is what the Den is all about! So why not use them instead of stars? Makes sense to me!

These days, people rely on ratings in order to get the most out of their purchase or time. The Book Smuggler’s Den rating system is to not intended to steer you towards one piece of literature versus the other. Rather, we want to give you our full and honest opinion about how a piece resonated with us. Our system is here to show you whether it had us sitting on the edge of our seats, or yawning and not able to continue.

The Book Smuggler’s Den rating system works as follows.

5/5 Smugglers


Books, novels, or essays receiving 5/5 smugglers are run to the bookstore, Amazon, or library and get this book NOW! These are the types of pieces that are hard to put down. The pieces that receive 5 smugglers are the ones where we laughed the hardest, cried the most, or was surprised by a twisted ending.

4/5 Smugglers

Literature that gets 4/5 smugglers spoke to us and kept our interest, but something was off. They were a favorite of ours, but not something that we would re-read again.

3/5 Smugglers


Meh. Pieces that receive 3/5 smugglers are pieces that held our interest, but to be honest, didn’t shock and awe us in any way. These are the types of pieces where you either love them or hate them depending on the genre you typically go and flock to buy. You should still consider reading them even if they aren’t what you normally would.

2/5 Smugglers

Pieces that receive 2/5 smugglers are ones that we didn’t emotionally connect with. They were in a tone of voice or subject matter that didn’t resonate with us and were hard to finish.

1/5 Smugglers


1/5 smugglers means that we weren’t able to even finish it. Only a few time have we come across this and have always given it a second chance after putting it down for weeks or months at a time. Despite giving it another go around, we weren’t able to finish it and don’t recommend these pieces.

That’s the Book Smuggler’s Den rating system and we’re sticking to it! We will thoroughly review each piece, so always read the entire review before judging it based on how many smugglers it gets. What we may like maybe totally different from what you like. If you have heard great things about a piece we didn’t rate well, give it a shot anyways. The Book Smuggler’s Den loves to see people reading books, essays, poems and more. Our ultimate mission is to spread the love of literature and encourage more people to read.