Issue #5 August 2019

We live in a fantasy world, a world of illusion. The great task in life is to find reality. - Iris Murdoch Drifting away into another realm, and escaping reality for a while, is always a welcome feeling in my mind. Fantasy novels and short stories are some of the most creative works available on the… Continue reading Issue #5 August 2019


By Glenn Dungan Sigur called Jude his discovery when visiting a friend in Manhattan. Jude remembered his meal. The starter: Foie gras with apple glaze, topped with sunflower seeds, pistachio, and cracked black pepper. He finished with scallops seared with fennel and shiitake mushrooms, complimented with a sea urchin bisque. Jude did not know who… Continue reading Yggdrasil


By Daniel Deisinger Darin stared south over the dunes, toward where Grandfather had told him Sutland once rose from the sand and spits of rock and scratched holes in the sky. Where it had conquered the desert. He leaned against the fence around his village, scarf wrapped around his face to keep the sand out… Continue reading Sutland

Owain’s Red Branch

By Jennifer Arnold There was once a great king over the Tuatha De Danann. They named him Dagan after Ireland's strongest king because no other ruler came close to the power of Dagan's will. Dagan did not poses magic but the Tuatha De Danann had magic in abundance. Prowess in battle and cunning were Dagan's… Continue reading Owain’s Red Branch

The Belief Ritual

By Edward Ahern Those who dared to meet the Old One waited in a glade below his hut until I escorted them up the hill.  On this summer morning there was only one person standing in the glade, a wizened, elderly woman.  I recognized her as I approached, and fear flickered through me. The woman… Continue reading The Belief Ritual