By Karen Frederick


The light departed. Demons roamed the land tearing flesh, consuming hearts. The child, Talas, taken from her mother’s dead arms spoke her sorrow song and they took her tongue. She wrote; they took her hands. She cried; they took her eyes. She danced her pain; they took her feet. They tied her ravaged body to a signpost, a warning. Desiccated flesh fell from bone, became new earth, feeding water and air.  The tendrils of her heart song rose, whipsawing the land, purging it of pain. Talas sang. Lamentations for the new beginning. The heavens weep Talas sorrow song.

About Karen Frederick

Karen is an avid reader, active runner and teacher. She has converted her lifelong joy of reading into a commitment to teaching very young children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds to read and write. Karen Frederick comes from a musical family and grew up singing Bach and playing classical music.

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