An Interview with Donna Anne Pace

donnaAuthor, coach, and motivational speaker Donna Anne Pace recently published a memoir about growing up in an abusive home. At the very tender age of just 5-years-old, Donna became witness to unimaginable horrors whilst the rest of her family were out of the house. On a weekly basis, Donna was locked in a bathroom by her own mother, who would make Donna watch her whilst she ‘self-harmed’. Time was to unravel that the events of Donna’s childhood were to become the very foundations upon which the rest of her life were going to be built upon.

Keep reading to see what it takes to be an author who opens up about something so personal and how in doing so, how Donna found the inner strength and courage to find her voice!

Book Smuggler: What inspired you to write a book?

Donna: My inspiration to write my 1st book came from a myriad of life experience that I’ve endured/witnessed since childhood until the present day. I found it very cathartic writing down my feelings/emotions every day and trying to find a way to overcome my anxiety/fears from my past/present.

Book Smuggler: It is often said that to write something, you must believe in what you are writing. Do you agree with that?

Donna: The saying is very true ‘in order to write something, you must believe in what you are writing’. What I wrote about in my first book is a first-hand account of my life experiences, some of which are very traumatic. I would like to think that my book has the ability to connect/resonate with another human being. The purpose of my book is to help instil hope, courage, self-belief and empowerment to anyone who reads it.

Book Smuggler: Do you have a set schedule for writing, or are you one of those who writes only when they feel inspired?

Donna: When writing my book, I allocated an hour a day to type or write down my thoughts/ideas. But due to our very busy life schedules, this could not always be the case, so I started writing whenever new ideas and stories came to my mind. Sometimes I would be in a coffee shop, or a supermarket or whilst at a business seminar!

Book Smuggler: What, according to you, is the hardest thing about writing? What would you say is the most natural aspect of writing?

Donna: The hardest part about writing – when your mind goes completely blank and words become devoid in your head! Sometimes there’s a certain word I wanted to choose to use to explain with more clarity what I wanted to convey to the reader, but that word took time to be discovered! The easiest part about writing is just allowing yourself to just write, not worrying about punctuation, spelling, or construction of the chapter – just write. Then make the necessary corrections and formulate your chapter once you are ready too. It’s all a matter of personal choice and what works best for you.

Book Smuggler: Have you ever experienced “Writer’s Block”? How long do they usually last? Any tips you would like to share to overcome it?

Donna: Writer’s Block. The dreaded partner in crime for us writers! Yes, I have suffered from that on occasions whilst writing my first book. What worked for me was just to retract myself away from my book, take time out – perhaps go for a walk, gym, coffee or watch something on TV. Being at one with nature, I feel can do wonders for our mind, body and soul – and that’s when my door of creativity opens up and races at 100 miles per hour!

Book Smuggler: Any advice you would like to give to aspiring writers?

Donna: Advice for aspiring writers – go for it! Don’t be dismayed by naysayers or procrastinators! You can do it if you put your mind to it. Connect with like-minded people, share ideas, tips, and help to support one another. Don’t stress about the timing of your book – just try to write a little something every day and over time your book will
start blossoming like a flower in Springtime.

Book Smuggler: Are you working on something new at the moment?

Donna: I am currently working on my 2nd book which is going to create the platform needed for female survivors of abuse to share their story and finally break their silence. I would like to invite women from across the world to connect with me to become a part of this amazing project. I am thrilled to announce that my book is going to be endorsed by Dr. Miriam Dalli MEP, who is a well-known and high-profile Maltese Politician, and she is also a Member of the European Parliament. I am passionate about helping women overcome their traumas and to let the world know how brave and strong they are. I am no stranger to abuse, so this project is very close to my heart.

Book Smuggler: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Donna: I would like to share this: You can achieve anything in your lifetime if you take yourself out of your comfort zone and face your fears! I have PTSD yet I will not let it define me or how I live my life. I am striving to make a better life for me and my beloved
children – that is what drives me every day to be the best version of myself that I can be. My first book became a success and took me to the United States. On 26th March 2019, my real life story was featured in a well-known lifestyle magazine in America, ‘Inspiring
Lives Magazine’, and I was featured alongside Wiz Khalifa’s Mum, Peachie Wimbush, and also Serena Williams, plus many more amazing inspirational women. ‘Don’t let the negativity of others define who you are or who you choose to become.’

You can find Donna’s book on Amazon. To learn more about Donna and her coaching services, please visit

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