Philosophy in the Modern Workplace by William Swift

Genre: Business Kindle 44 pages Published Independently April 11, 2022, Get your copy here

Philosophy birthed science as we know it, and it is still crucial to our understanding of life – taking the ancient wisdom of philosophy and applying it to modern life makes total sense. This book is a concise and accessible view of how philosophy can help you get promoted at work, be a better leader, and improve your skills so you stand out from the rest.

We take ancient philosophy theories and interpret them to skills you need in any job. These principles are concise, straight-talking, and relevant to our time. Use them to improve yourself at work and much more – this is just the tip of the iceberg, it’s the first step to a better you.

My Thoughts On Philosophy in the Modern Workplace

Philosophy in the Modern Workplace is a fascinating book to read through and understand in today’s world. The format of the content makes it easy to read for such an in-depth subject. There is enough detail without making it over-stressful to read. Lots of clever ideas about how ancient philosophy is relevant today and will be in the future

I have never studied philosophy so these theories are new to me but make total sense – bringing together our work challenges with some of the greatest minds of all time is inspiring. It features concise summaries on the major philosophers in hand with the advice we could all put to good use to be successful at work. A perfect way to exceed in your career and refer to forever, the ideas are ongoing so makes great value!

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