Have you completed your book and need to let the world know about it? Fantastic! First, let me congratulate you on completing your novel. That is a huge accomplishment and you should be proud! The next step is a hard one, marketing it. Marketing a book isn’t always easy. Especially for those who decide to self publish. That is where I come in and help increase your book sales.

As a digital marketer, my first and foremost duty is to get to know you. In my years of experience, I’ve learned that nothing more important than building a relationship with you, the client. It is what it truly takes trust for both the writer and marketer to successfully work together.

I am a quick learner and need little training. Once you explain to me what you need, I go at it head-on. I provide a quick turnaround to maintain a proper workflow. I know that working virtually means that we may be in different time zones. That’s why my clients appreciate me being flexible, tailoring my services to fit their schedules.

My marketing services hold professionalism to the highest standards.
Whatever project you need help with, I provide professional and quality work with a quick turnaround. I am available for short-term contracts, long-term projects, or ongoing jobs.

Ready to start with one of my services?

If you are interested in knowing more about how I can be of assistance, please visit my website, Watkins Digital Marketing, or feel free to send me an email to and I will get back to you asap with a plan to help you.

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