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L.M. Bennett, The Accidental Tsundere


“I feel that you certainly have to have an understanding of what you are writing, and you do that by immersing yourself in the scene, the emotion, the character, the memory you are trying to describe. I don’t feel you can describe something or show the reader why they should care about what you’re talking about if you don’t believe in what you’re writing. I don’t feel you can detach from your subject and simultaneously convince your readers to care.”




Jana Floyd, Rebekah

Rebekah A Ghost Story

“For me, writing helps me work through what I am thinking and feeling. It clarifies what feels all jumbled up inside – like rolling a desperately tangled skein of yarn before you can keep crocheting. It takes work, patience, and time. Sometimes you come out the other end with something you were expecting, a belief that holds true. And sometimes, your whole world perspective shifts. But then, that is the magic of books. Is it not?”