Due to the pandemic and personal matters the Book Smuggler’s Den needed to work through, we were unable to produce publications over the past year. Now that things are back under control here in the Den, there will be a special edition of our 2021 magazine. Please stay posted for submission opportunities and published content.

October 2021


Pandemic, pandemic, pandemic. Arg! It affected so many people in so many ways. Many turned to writing, and we are so proud of you! The emails we have received regarding book reviews fill us with joy. The magazine was put on hold for the remainder of the year because of the circumstances our society has found itself in. Enjoy the magazines that were published!

January 2020


blogs that interview authors
February 2020


March/April 2020


blogs to submit poetry
May 2020


June 2020


flash fiction submissions
July 2020



Dani started the blog in 2018 to document the 52 books in 52 weeks challenge. It was then when she realized that indie authors could use the visibility rather than NY Times bestsellers. In 2019, Dani began reviewing books from new authors that reached out for reviews. That then grew into how she could help authors who have yet to publish a book, but want to someday. As a writer herself, she knows how tough it is to break into a crowded market and the benefits that come with publishing projects on blogs and ezines across the web. As a writer, you can gain a lot of respect if you can show a resume of the publications you’ve contributed to, helping you market yourself as a writer. That’s when The Book Smuggler’s Den began a publication to help you do just that.

April 2019


Blogs to submit to
May 2019


where to submit short stories
June 2019



short story submissions
July 2019


blogs to submit to
August 2019


where to submit essays
September 2019



online literary magazine
October 2019


where to submit holiday short stories
November 2019


holiday short stories
December 2019


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